FlickFeast review of Autumn Never Dies

The second review for Autumn Never Dies is in and it comes from our friends over at FlickFeast. Great review and it was really nice to read the following extract. “The concept is so great on its own that I want to see more from these characters and the type of everyday problems they get into. This…
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ScreenCritix review Autumn Never Dies

The first review for Autumn Never Dies is in and it comes from our friends over at ScreenCritix. It’s a really nice review and it was really nice to read the following extract. “Chris Quick directs the film simply with no bells, whistles or effects but he certainly knows how to direct a comedy.” Full…
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Autumn Never Dies to premiere on World Puppetry Day

Autumn Never Dies, the sequel to the 2012 short film The Greyness of Autumn will premiere on World Puppetry Day on 21st March 2020. This is the third short film that I have directed and I also had the pleasure of editing the film as well as returning to reprise the role of Nelson. The…
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Quick Announced As Jury Member For HB Film Festival

I am delighted to say that I have been invited to be a member of the jury for the inaugural edition of the HB Film Festival which will take place in Paisley later this year. “The HB Film Festival wants to bring to Paisley, Scotland, a quality selection of both local and international shorts and…
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5th Best Editor Nomination for Quick

Just when you think Mountain has run its course on the festival circuit, along comes another one with a 5th best editor nomination. I am delighted the film is continuing to be well received across the globe and thrilled to see nominations come in for Johnny, Darren, Olly and first time nods to Wam Siluka…
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Chris Quick Reprises Role of Nelson For Autumn Never Dies

Today I returned to the dubbing suite to lend my voice to the puppet character Nelson for the short film Autumn Never Dies. I first played the role in the prequel film The Greyness of Autumn by sheer accident when another actor didn’t turn up to fulfil the role. Autumn Never Dies is due for…
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2018: It’s Been Quite A Year

As 2018 draws to a close I thought I’d write up a few highlights of what has been a pretty phenomenal year. The start of 2018 marked the end of Electric Faces festival run after 2 years travelling round the globe. The film was shown in front of a home crowd at the Centre of…
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4th Best Editor Nomination for Quick

This starting to be a bit like buses, you wait 10 years for a nomination in the field of acting and four come along in the space of a few months. Over the moon to say that I’ve been nominated once again for Editing Mountain by the Film Festival of Time in Edmonton, Canada. The festival…
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Quick Lands 3rd Best Editor Nomination

I am delighted to announce that I have received my 3rd Best Editor nomination for the short film Mountain. The third nomination comes from the Queen Palm Film Festival in California, which hosts 4 events during the year with an annual competition held the following year.

Quick To Take Part in Blueprint Q&A at GFT

I will be taking part in a Q&A representing Mountain at the Glasgow Film Theatre for Blueprint 12. Blueprint is a showcase of independent short films with a Q&A session afterwords with cast or crew members from each film. Blueprint 12 takes place on Thursday 13th December 2018. Tickets for the event can be purchased…
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