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“I am telling you now, I have not laughed so much in such a long time. This is a really really ridiculously funny film.

Spencer Hawken (Romford Film Festival Founder & Programmer) – Review of Autumn Never Dies

“For all it’s loveable stupidity, Andy S. McEwan and Chris Quick’s script it is a fantastically choreographed piece of comedic writing, packed to the brim with vibrant details that not only make for good jokes, but bring their absurd and disjointed world to life.

Indy Film Library – Review of Autumn Never Dies

“Quick and James share an easy-going rapport, and their rapid-fire back and forth is hilarious. Aside from this odd diversion, director and writer Chris Quick, along with co-writer Andy S. McEwan, have crafted a fun, believable world.

Film Threat – Review of Autumn Never Dies

“Chris Quick directs the film simply with no bells, whistles or effects but he certainly knows how to direct a comedy.”

Screen Critix – Review of Autumn Never Dies

“The electronic soundscape work in tandem with the editing from Chris Quick to heighten the tension at the required moments without it being too obvious.”

Movie Scramble – Review of Electric Faces

“Every frame has clearly been meticulously plan with the editing perfectly creating a heartbeat to the story as it builds to its conclusion.”

The Spoilist – Review of Electric Faces

“Quick is alarmingly funny. The film serves up a copious amount of black comedy that has a great WTF-factor. The film is intriguing simply because it’s so strange.”

Pretty Clever Films – Review of The Greyness of Autumn

“Here is a short film that is actually entertaining. For that, director Chris Quick easily earns his solid score from me.”

Indyred Films – Review of The Greyness of Autumn

“The editing of this ‘mockmentary’ has been cleverly executed and should be commended.”

Flicker Magazine – Review of In Search of La Che

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