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5th Best Editor Nomination for Quick

Just when you think Mountain has run its course on the festival circuit, along comes another one with a 5th best editor nomination. I am delighted the film is continuing to be well received across the globe and thrilled to see nominations come in for Johnny, Darren, Olly and first time nods to Wam Siluka…
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4th Best Editor Nomination for Quick

This starting to be a bit like buses, you wait 10 years for a nomination in the field of acting and four come along in the space of a few months. Over the moon to say that I’ve been┬ánominated once again for Editing Mountain by the Film Festival of Time in Edmonton, Canada. The festival…
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Quick Lands 3rd Best Editor Nomination

I am delighted to announce that I have received my 3rd Best Editor nomination for the short film Mountain. The third nomination comes from the Queen Palm Film Festival in California, which hosts 4 events during the year with an annual competition held the following year.