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5th Best Editor Nomination for Quick

Just when you think Mountain has run its course on the festival circuit, along comes another one with a 5th best editor nomination. I am delighted the film is continuing to be well received across the globe and thrilled to see nominations come in for Johnny, Darren, Olly and first time nods to Wam Siluka…
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2nd Best Editor Nomination for Quick

Just a couple of weeks after receiving my first award nomination in the field of editing, I’m delighted to say a 2nd one has just come in from the Feel The Reel International Film Festival. Mountain received a total of 4 nominations at the festival and went on to win the 2nd Best of The…
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Chris Quick to Edit & Produce ‘Mountain’

I am delighted to announced that I have been asked back by director Johnny Herbin to Edit & Produce for his next short film, Mountain. ‘Mountain’ follows a trio of U.S. soldiers who fight for survival after being trapped behind enemy lines during World War II. Johnny is a remarkable director and its a pleasure…
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